Imaginalis is an independent art consultancy providing specialised advisory services in Post-war and Contemporary Art for a diverse range of clients worldwide. Addressing the individual needs of both first-time buyers as well as experienced art-collectors, we focus on building personalised and distinct art collections.

Our philosophy is to place the client at the heart and soul of a collection, driving his unique vision, areas of interest and budget requirements. Our guiding principles are impartiality, trust, discretion and transparency. Taking into account the different performances of each art market, we believe it essential to have professional negotiation for the client when making sale or purchase decisions. Imaginalis keeps track of the international art markets by travelling frequently worldwide, providing a fresh eye, thus helping the clients expand their reach as well as offering the support of an influential worldwide network of art professionals which strengthens the company's intellectual capital.

The company's philosophy is driven by Rita Almeida Freitas. A collector herself, Rita understands the passions of a collector and the limited time left to source artworks as well as the need to be advised without being urged upon. Before co-founding Imaginalis, Rita previously worked at Phillips de Pury & Company and Serralves Foundation, was a nominator for the FT Oppenheimer Funds Emerging Voices Award and has collaborated with ARCO art fair as a collector's liaison. Rita is also the co-founder of The SPOT: Sculpture Park and Outdoor Tendencies (www.the-spot.pt) and a guest lecturer in the Art Market Post-Graduate program at Universidade Nova (Lisboa). The years spent in Paris, London and São Paulo allied to her extensive travels have provided her an excellent worldwide network including private collectors, art dealers, curators and artists, therefore offering a privileged access to distinct art market sectors.